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Miami as #1

Miami is often in the news, for better and worse. I’ve tried to catalog a list of #1’s for which Miami makes the news. Both good and bad. You have to accept Miami: As Is. You gotta love it!

Miami is a well-known global city due to its importance in finance, commerce, culture, media, fashion, education, film, print media, entertainment, the arts and international trade. Known as The Gateway to the Americas, Miami is an international center for entertainment, education, media, music, fashion, film, culture, print media, and the performing arts.

  • Downtown Miami is home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States.
  • In 2008, Miami was ranked as “America’s Cleanest City” according to Forbes Magazine for its year-round good air quality, vast green spaces, clean drinking water, clean streets and city-wide recycling programs.
  • Miami is also home to a vibrant techno and dance scene and hosts the Winter Music Conference, the largest dance event in the world,
  • Founded in 1959 as Dade County Junior College, it is the largest nonprofit institution of higher learning in the United States with over 161,000 students. It is currently the largest secondary institution in the United States in terms of number of students enrolled.
  • In a 2009, UBS study of 73 world cities, Miami was ranked as the richest city in the United States (of four U. S. cities included in the survey) and the world’s fifth-richest city, in terms of purchasing power.
  • MIA #1 International Freight Rankings – Miami International Airport, Airport Statistics, 2007.
  • Port of Miami is the “Cruise Capital of the World” with nearly 4 million passengers per year.
  • Miami ranked # 1 Healthiest City in the United States by Natural Health Magazine. (April 2002)
  • Miami-Fort Lauderdale ranked #1 in a study of the best metropolitan areas for small businesses in the United States by (February 2006)
  • Miami ranked #1 as the Top City for Hispanics to Live, by Hispanic Magazine. Miami was also ranked #1 in 2003 and # 2 in 2004. (August 2006)
  • Miami International Airport ranks No. 1 in handling perishable products that fly into the US. The airport handles 88% of all cut flowers, 66% of all fish, 55% of all fruits and vegetables and 69% of all other perishable goods flown into the nation. Miami International Airport’s total trade volume was $26 billion in 2006 (November 2006).
  • Miami was ranked as the co-No. 1 Best City to Do Business in Latin America by AméricaEconomía (June 2007). Miami has consistently ranked among the top two Best Cities to Do Business in Latin America (2001 – 2007).
  • USA Today ranked South Beach #1 for Best Beaches for Nightlife and Haulover Beach as #1 for Best Clothing-optional Beaches in 2004.

More than 100 international consulates, trade offices, and bi-national chambers of commerce that support the worldwide flow of goods and services.

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