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Restaurant Reviews

Miami might accurately be called the city of Festivals and Events.  We entertain a year-round, and there is always a reason to visit, even if for no reason at all.  The Super Bowl is often a visitor, as are Film Festivals, Music Festivals, Exhibits, and Concerts from around the world. One of my most fun “events” is Miami Spice.  Miami Spice is a “foodie’s” dream.

Miami is known for its world-class fine dining experience.  It is also known for its over-priced dining experience!  Miami Spice is the time of year when those over-priced restaurants open their doors to the more cost conscious among us with fabulous menu offerings at a prix-fix menu price.  So, at participating restaurants, you can get four-course meal for $25.00 (drinks not included — that’s the catch!).  If you’re not a drinker, this is a great way to experience restaurants that might normally be considered out of your budget. Check out this link to see which restaurants are participating:

I can’t accurately tell you the history of it, but it only seems like it’s been around for a couple maybe four years.  First, it was a once-a-year thing, then due to it’s success, it became a twice-a-year thing.  First, it was a week long, then it became a month long, then it became two months long, then other industries started to get in on the act with things like “Miami Spa Month”, and now I hear there’s an “alternative health” event planned like Acupuncture Week perhaps..  I’m really not sure, but I try to eat at a Miami Spice restaurant at least once a week.  What fun! Just another example of Miami: As Is. You gotta love it!


Here’s a Spanish Jewel on Coral Way:  Xixón

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