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Scammers Dialing from a Puerto Rican Number

October 15, 2012

Puerto Rico is known for a lot of things:  Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, a host of Baseball players, and Menudo and Ricky Martin of course.  But arts and entertainment aside, the island may soon become known for a widespread phone scam that is plaguing South Florida.  Scammers calling from a number with a Puerto Rico area code try to convince targets to send money quickly because a relative has been in an accident.  The best thing to do, call your relative and make sure everything is okay, then report the phone number to the FBI.  It may not stop the calls, but it’ll make the scammers a little less comfortable.

Read Anna Edgerton’s Miami Herald article here:

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Secret Service Agents Behaving Badly, Episode Miami

October 14, 2012

Not at all phased by the agency’s recent press for their exploits in the country of Colombia, a U.S. Secret Service agent, in town for the president’s recent visit, was found passed out and apparently drunk in downtown Miami after a night of celebratory reveling with the locals.  Under normal circumstances we’d regard this guy as another party-goer visiting our shores who simply overdid it, but when he has a gun, a license to use it, a security clearance, and details about the President’s movements, this trend is well-past alarming.  It’s disturbing.  Is the Secret Service little more than a bunch of frat boys with the full faith and credit of the U.S. taxpayer?  Seems like it.

Read Michael Finch II’s Miami Herald article here:

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Aventura Mall Putting on the Ritz

October 13, 2012

Not far from its more glamorous sister, Bal Harbour Shops, Aventura Mall is feeling the pressure to be a little more upscale.  Well, she cleans up nice. Just announced, Cartier – a brand symbolic of “upscale” – is set to open its doors in the popular mall.  Cartier will be just one in a recent string of luggshury brands call Aventura home.

Read Elaine Walker’s  Miami Herald article here:

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Fairchild Garden Gets $4 Million for Tropical Research

October 13, 2012

It’s not just a pretty face.  It’s a research facility!  One of the most lush and beautiful spots in all of Miami, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, is getting some much needed assistance to carry-on its real mission:  research.  Science is blossoming alongside the flowers at Fairchild, which received a $4 million gift, part of $24 million raised in science funding.  That’ll get you a lot of buds!

Read Ina Paiva Cordle’s  Miami Herald article here:

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Biscayne Bay Kiwanis 33rd Annual Gala

October 12, 2012

This year’s Biscayne Bay Kiwanis Club’s 33rd Annual Gala on Saturday, October 27, 2012 is shaping up to be a great success. Not only have we honored one of the quintessential “movers and shakers” in Miami, Super Bowl Host Committee Chairman and Community Activist Rodney Barreto as our 2012 Michael Shores Citizen of the Year, we have moved the gala to Jungle Island and booked great entertainment befitting a children’s charity!  Call me for tickets!

Date: Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guest of Honor:  Rodney Barreto

Tickets: Contact Bob Arnold

Sample Auction Items: Miami Dolphins Travel with the Team, Package for two on the Team’s Jet.

URL to find out more:

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Miami: Fla. Police Captain Guilty In Drug Selling Case

October 9, 2012

In what could hardly be called “protecting and serving”, another Dade cop lowers the already tarnished reputation of the local Blue Line.  A South Florida police captain is facing prison time after pleading guilty to being part of a ring that distributed drugs such as cocaine and oxycodone.  It’s easy to let the bad apples ruin the credibility of the entire force, but I refuse to accept that we’ve sunken to a completely immoral culture.

Read Juan Ortega’s Miami Herald article here:

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Lin Arison Giving Local Art a Big Boost

October 9, 2012

Start with the founding of YoungArt, move to making the landmark Bacardi building an art headquarters, and you’ve got the making of a foundation.  The force behind Miami’s latest cultural coup, Lin Arison, has always shunned the spotlight. But for the moment, she’s happy to be there.  At times, it seems like the Arison’s are trying to one-up each other in the philanthropy department.  Miami is the beneficiary.  Bravo!

Read Hannah Sampaon’s Miami Herald article here:

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